Do The White Walkers Always Get Their Payback?

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Is Baby Sam still owed to the Night King? Did the War of Northern Aggression confront an up-tick in action when Baby Sam crossed the Wall?

One day we will discover what the Night King and his ‘White Walkers’ really need, and what their point is. All we know is that they execute individuals and transform dead bodies into zombie-like contenders; we don’t know why or for what reason.

Anything, for example, giving over infants and the agreement, has been pacification – to attempt to stop them executing people and, at last, to stop them assaulting the Wall.

Despite Game of Thrones producers trying their best to keep spoilers from leaking, a number of key plots details have already made their way online. Game of Thrones Season 7 will feature a huge White Walkers battle before it.

The progress of the show with the White Walkers and all that stuff, it’s pretty obvious nobody’s going to be able to take this force on on their own. Due to it, many different parts of Westeros will unite.

Recently, in an interview that is probably going to enjoyment enthusiasts of the hit HBO series, Liam Cunningham says that the seventh season will see a significant number of the characters meet surprisingly. “It was kind of interesting to meet some people who I normally only meet on a red carpet. Who that is and when that happens remains to be seen” – says he.

Who will win in the end we have no idea. But as Ramsey once said, if we think that this show is going to end well we clearly live in blur.

Game of Thrones Season 7 will return to HBO this summer. The upcoming season will consist of just seven episodes

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