Why Will the 10th Chapter Make American Horror Story: Roanoke the Best Season?

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Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk made this season very much different than the other ones. Watching American Horror Story: Roanoke is an experience like nothing before.

I must admit very weird one too.


American Horror Story: Roanoke is far better than the previous seasons, critics and fans love it so far even though they still hasn’t clue what really is going on.
Secrecy is defined as key word for Roanoke’s ad campaign which brought many crazy fan theories and suggestions. Total complete unusual horror show.
After chapter 10 premiere, Roanoke will be definitely the best American Horror Story season for a long time.

“Roanoke is everything better compared to Hotel” – one fan proudly says.
The first half of it represents docu-series about the haunted life which Matt and Shelby Miller live. In their house, in North Carolina, many weird and paranormal activities are happening. Sidney, producer, re-enactment it and the show became large hit in LA and worldwide.

American Horror Story: Roanoke feels more natural. It feels little more like we’re back to the Murder House. The turns there were not over the top or created, and there are some really thoughtful characters.

American Horror Story doing Big Brother is as splendid as it sounds yet everything is never entirely that straightforward. We find practically when the cameras begin moving on Return to Roanoke that we’re not simply observing genuine individuals cooperate, we’re watching a snuff film. An onscreen subtitle advises us that everybody required in the show passes on put something aside for one survivor, and that gives the lathery acting a genuine edge.

10th chapter will bring the truth about this whole season. In this episode they will find a way to reveal everything and impress us.

Enjoy the blood moon until November 16.

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