When Will ‘Supergirl’ Season 2 Return?

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Supergirl has continued to introduce new characters, villains, and complications, even as the second season starts to wind down. But now that the momentum has been paused with a break between new episodes, you may be wondering when Supergirl Season 2 will return.

Regrettably, there is a bit of a wait first. Because the tv show is going to be taking a spring break before the final five episodes bring Season 2 to an end. The trailer for “Ace Reporter,” which is the next new episode after March 27’s “Distant Sun,” explicitly says Supergirl will return on Apr. 24.

The Season 2 finale of Supergirl will air on May 22. So that means when the tv show returns, it will go towards the finale at a speed that rivals Kara’s reflexes. Supergirl has just a few weeks to wrap up several storylines. What’s going on with Cadmus; whether the evil, alien-hating Lillian has been stopped for good; whether or not Rhea will return to Earth just to take back her son and get her vengeance; and if the Kara/Mon-El relationship is long for this planet.

The second season has made time for lots of recurring, secondary storylines, like the developing love story between Alex and Maggie, the show’s first real dip into LGBT description. And it looks like “Ace Reporter” will bring back some of Kara’s investigative abilities, as she attempts to piece together and track down someone who is trying to unmask her and stop her from protecting people.

Having a hidden identity has posed lots of problems for Kara this season! — it threw up many roadblocks when she was trying to protect aliens from Lillian’s mass deportation.

And it’s possible that even a role once thought good could eventually turn evil.  Some comments made by executive producer Andrew Kreisberg to Entertainment Weekly hint that Lena Luthor could become a bad person. “She’s passed the goodness tests that have been placed in front of her up until now. But you always have to question if there is going to be a bridge too far for her where she will receive the Luthor mantle of being a true enemy for Supergirl.”

Kreisberg said in an interview during the tv show’s winter break. Since then, Lena has lived an ally. But maybe a late-season twist will set her up as Season 3’s big bad. 

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